Won't disturb neighbors: which dog breeds are low barkers

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The Deerhound and Shar-pei can bark, but don't like it

Often it is the tendency of these animals to bark that keeps us from finally deciding to get a dog. Waking up in the night because the dog has seen something and now he is noisily reporting it is only half the trouble. In addition, it can make the neighbors very angry.

But there are breeds that are not naturally inclined to bark. OBOZREVATEL tells what dogs can like someone who would not want to hear this sound.


The special structure of the throat is what makes this small dog so silent. Instead of barking, it makes a whole range of different sounds, but they are not as loud. Plus, it's a neat breed that doesn't have an inherent odor to dogs. By many characteristics Basenji behavior resembles cats and they are excellent devoted to their family companions.


Strange to say it, but these very good-natured dogs used to hunt deer. Now they are excellent companions, not inclined to make too much noise. It's not just about barking, but other types of sounds as well. Deerhounds are affectionate with children and don't need much exercise, even though they are large.


This large breed, which has a hippopotamus-like head and from nose to tail consists of cute folds of skin, was once considered a fighting breed. With the passage of time, Sharpei have turned into calm and even fearful creatures - because of the folds on the muzzle, they have a limited angle of vision. Therefore, these dogs behave cautiously and do not tend to draw attention to themselves by barking.

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