Women's flared leggings will become the main trend of 2023: what to wear with them. Fashionable looks

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Women's flared leggings will be the main trend in 2023

Those who want to stay on trend next season should put their favourite jeans and skirts as far as possible in the closet and pay attention to flared leggings instead. They have won the title of the most desirable and relevant thing in 2023.

This trouser trend visually lengthens the legs and makes them slimmer. That's why many fashionistas and famous style icons have already added flared leggings to their wardrobe. Find out what to wear with trendy trousers and how to choose a model for your body type in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Someone might mistakenly think that we are talking about retro trousers, which were also considered the pinnacle of style at one time. However, the leggings that are popular in 2023 are an improved and modernised version of a thing from the past.

Connoisseurs of stylish outfits will be surprised by the variety of models with which trendy trousers have come to us. Black cotton leggings are considered versatile and definitely the most popular. This simple item automatically makes any look elegant and sophisticated. It doesn't matter if you wear them with classic pumps or white sneakers. Stylists recommend combining black leggings with a plaid shirt and platform loafers.


Beige is the new black, so this colour of leggings can also become an indispensable item in the wardrobe of any stylish lady. They can be combined with pointed ankle boots or short Cossacks, but you should not experiment with rough oversized boots.

Over the past few years, the fashion industry has been full of eco-leather items. And although this material is no longer so popular, it has not said its last word. Leather leggings are an option for daring fashionistas.


At the same time, you can pay attention to corduroy leggings. They will visually tighten your hips and add a twist to your everyday look. You can combine this vinyl version with a matching jacket or wool cardigan. This way, you get not only a stylish but also a warm and cosy outfit.

And for those who have not yet decided what to wear to celebrate the New Year, stylists recommend taking a closer look at flared trousers with sequins or lace. It's a great alternative to worn-out sequin dresses. An elegant trouser look will emphasise the dignity of your figure and make you look even sexier than a seductive mini.


Leggings of any material and colour go perfectly with oversized blazers. They can be worn both under a winter coat or fur coat with classic shoes and under a quilted jacket with sneakers for a sporty chic look.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, every girl's winter wardrobe should include both basic items for any occasion and accent pieces that help spice up the look. You should not be afraid to add colour to grey everyday life and experiment. A maxi skirt and woollen trousers will be a must-have for the cold weather. Read more in our article.

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