Will grow very quickly: how and when to transplant zamiokulkas correctly

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How to care for Zamiokulkas

Zamioculcas is a popular indoor plant that grows up to one meter in height and has dark green thickened leaves. In general, it is an unpretentious plant, but improper conditions or insufficient care can lead to unfavorable consequences.

Zamiokulkas should be regularly transplanted into a slightly larger pot to allow it to grow freely. How and when to do it correctly, told Porady Interia.

When to transplant zamiokulkas

Repotting Zamiokulkas is best done in early spring or late summer. Young plants need annual repotting, and old plants - every 2-3 years, depending on the condition of the root system.

Zamiokulkas is resistant to lack of moisture, but its excess will lead to rotting and dying of the roots. Zamiokulkas should also be transplanted when its leaves start to turn yellow.

How to transplant Zamiokulkas

Transplanting should be done with protective gloves, as contact with the sap can cause skin irritation.

Carefully turn the pot upside down so that the root mass gets into your hand. In the new pot, make holes and pour a layer of expanded clay. Place the zamiokulkas there, fill with fresh soil and water a little.

Zamiokulkas does not like drafts, feeling best in the shade or penumbra, but the plant should not be completely deprived of sunlight. During the growing season, feeding is recommended every 2-3 weeks, using multi-component fertilizers or homemade fertilizer. Outside the growing season, Zamiokulkas does not require intensive fertilization (once every two months is enough).

What substrate to choose

The ideal soil for Zamiokulkas should have a pH of 5.5-6.5. Sand or fine gravel can be added to the substrate. Also do not forget about the drainage layer, which will help to avoid overwatering. At the bottom of the pot you should put expanded clay or other lightweight filler used as drainage.

In which pot to transplant the plant

The rule is simple: the container into which we transplant zamiokulkas, should be about 2-3 cm wider than the previous one.

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