Will bloom until frost: secrets to bring even the weakest petunia back to life

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What to feed petunias in August

With proper care, petunias will bloom right up to frost. Sometimes, however, the flowers start to wilt at the end of summer - and gardeners get desperate: they start to actively apply fertilizers, move vases from place to place or even increase watering to a critical level.

Chaotic actions, of course, do not lead to anything good. And feeding petunias with pus is not recommended at all - it can entail fungal diseases. What fertilizers are suitable for petunias at the end of August, OBOZREVATEL.

Experts reassure: petunia, which began to weaken in late summer, can still be saved. There is even a high chance to extend the period of its flowering until the first frosts.

Only two conditions are required: effective pruning and quality fertilization.

Why cut petunia

Wilted flower stalks and seed boxes take too much strength from the plant, so you may notice in August that the petunia has weakened. Gardeners advise you to take a pair of scissors and start pruning. The shoots should be shortened to 20 cm. And by regularly pinching the top shoot, you can make the petunia bush stronger.

Will bloom until frost: secrets to bring even the weakest petunia back to life

What to nourish petunia in August

Required ingredients:

  • water;
  • succinic acid.

It is very easy to prepare the solution: only 3 g of the preparation should be taken per liter of clean water.

Fertilizer is applied by root watering or spraying from a sprayer.

Petunia for flowering requires a sufficient amount of sunlight, so it is better to put the pots on sunny windowsills or well-lit terraces.

In general, petunias are resistant to drought, but it is important to check that the soil is sufficiently moistened.

An important caveat: when watering, make sure that the water does not get on the buds.

By the way, the optimal soil for petunias is loamy or sandy loam fertile soil. Excessive overwatering can prevent drainage, which is recommended to fill the planting pit or vase with half of it. More about the rules of growing petunias - read in the material.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told how to help petunias recover and bloom again.

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