Will bear fruit until the end of fall: what you should do with tomatoes in August

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Proper care for tomatoes in August is very important

August is considered a month when the tomato season comes to an end. At least in our latitudes, where autumn comes relatively early.

However, experienced gardeners say that proper care for tomatoes in August can extend the season of their fruiting. OBOZREVATEL tells you about the main flyhacks.

Feeding and watering

Since in August the plant is already fully formed, the main care for it is reduced to the correct application of fertilizers and timely watering. It is enough just to set the right regime - and the tomato bush will give a good harvest. Here's what you will need for this.

The soil should be watered regularly, not allowing it to dry out, but also avoiding overwatering. It is better to do this when the plant does not fall in direct sunlight, that is, in the morning or evening.

Fertilizer can be made once every two weeks in the form of a weak solution of complex fertilizer for fruit crops. Dilute it should be stronger than the instruction suggests. Also during the fruiting period, tomatoes respond well to the introduction of potassium and phosphorus fertilizers - they improve the quality of fruits.

To retain moisture and nutrients in the ground, it is good to mulch the soil on the tomato bed with straw, grass or sawdust. This will also keep weeds from growing and protect the roots from overheating.

Shaping and pruning

To control the sprawl of the tomato bush, and at the same time to strengthen its health, it is necessary to form it and to pass out shoots. This is how it is done in August.

Depending on the variety and method of cultivation, tomatoes are formed in one or two stems. To do this, the main stem is pinched from the top after 4-6 leaves, and side shoots - after 1-2 leaves.

Passing is carried out if necessary by removing excess shoots growing from the axils of leaves or roots. In this case, the plant will not waste resources on their growth and will focus on fruiting.

Other procedures

To protect tomatoes from diseases and pests, bushes need to be sprayed with appropriate preparations at the first signs of a problem. Processing is done in the morning or evening, when there is no direct sunlight.

Loosening the soil will help to improve its structure, permeability to air and water, which is good for tomato yields. But in doing so, it is important not to hurt the roots of the plant.

In August, you can start collecting seeds for seedlings for the next year. Take them out of the largest and well-ripened fruits. Seeds are carefully washed from the pulp, dried on paper and stored in a dark cool place and air-permeable bags.

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