Wi-Fi Killer: What item in the house can block the Internet connection on the iPhone

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Don't rush to blame the cat for disabling the router

The modern home is permeated with electromagnetic waves, which provide communication or arise during the operation of various household appliances. One of the most noticeable types of these waves is the Wi-Fi signal. When it weakens or disappears, it can cause considerable discomfort.

Items such as microwave ovens and even aquarium equipment have been known to affect Wi-Fi strength. But The Sun has pointed to an unexpected object that may be blocking this signal.

It was possible to find him thanks to a "blind spot" that a journalist of the publication had created in the area of his bed. So he could not use his work email or check social networks with his iPhone without getting up.

After checking all the objects around and under the bed, the journalist discovered that the interference was caused by old kettlebells hidden away from sight. The steel gym equipment was interfering with the smartphone's ability to connect to the router. As soon as they were moved to another place, the connection was restored completely.

As communications experts explained to the publication, any metal object can act as a screen, disrupting the signal's passage. Weights are just one possibility. Communication interference is often caused by such popular home systems as underfloor heating. It includes a lot of metal parts. And in the kitchen, large appliances that have large metal parts - oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. can have this effect.

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