Why you shouldn't talk on your phone while it's charging: a mistake can be costly

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The biggest danger when charging a smartphone is overheating

The vast majority of smartphone users do not see anything dangerous in using the gadget while it is charging, including talking on it. However, experts claim that this is associated with the risk of damage to the gadget.

Sante Plus interviewed experts who told us what can go wrong if you talk on a phone while it is charging. It turned out that the problem is potentially undesirable electrical phenomena that can occur.

According to experts, during charging, the device, in particular its battery, heats up, and the slightest technical failure or power outage can cause the phone to overheat. And overheating leads to damage to the internal parts of the gadget. Up to its complete failure.

However, you don't have to give up using your smartphone altogether when it's connected to the mains. You can still send text messages, browse the web, and use apps. You can even make calls. But if you feel that the device is getting hot, either stop using it or disconnect it from charging.

And in any case, no matter how you use your smartphone, don't forget to pause to give your hands a rest. Also, don't tilt your head too much and don't stretch your neck forward. This way, you'll take care of yourself, not the device. Such precautions will help to avoid the development of injuries and diseases typical of gadget lovers.

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