Why you shouldn't put an empty bottle on the table: where the sign came from

The sign has at least three explanations

Almost all of us have heard of the sign that forbids putting an empty bottle on the table. No feast is complete without it. And even non-superstitious people are more likely to follow this taboo. But have you ever wondered where this sign came from?

OBOZREVATEL asked about the origin of this superstition. And tells you what its essence is. In addition to the esoteric one, he found several other explanations.

What is the essence of the sign

From the point of view of esotericism, any empty objects attract various troubles. Thus, a bottle can cause poverty. They say that where there is one empty bottle on the table, there will soon be nothing to fill the rest of the dishes.

Also, a bad spirit can accidentally get into the bottle, bringing with it troubles, conflicts, significant troubles and diseases. Therefore, the container should be hidden from it on the floor.

There is also an assumption that in this way you can scare away guests from the house forever. It is said that a house with empty bottles on the table will become unattractive and no one will want to enter it.

A historical explanation

Some people attribute the emergence of the habit of putting bottles on the floor to a historical fact. In the old days, in French taverns, hosts used to charge guests for drinks by counting the number of empty bottles on the table. And the visitors quickly came up with a way to save money dishonestly - they began to hide the containers under the table. In this case, they drank their hearts out and paid less.

A practical explanation

But the most convincing explanation comes from the point of view of ordinary household comfort. Empty bottles on the table clutter up the space and prevent people sitting at the table from communicating. A bottle can be accidentally knocked over and broken. And if you want to put a plate of food or other object in front of you, it may turn out that there is no free space for it.

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