Why you should not feed cucumbers with aspirin and how to make them bear fruit until the end of summer

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Cucumbers are well fed with salicylic acid, but aspirin does not contain it

The usefulness of the Internet's life hacks is not always the same. Some of the advice given on forums and social networks can sometimes be harmful. For example, the advice to nourish cucumbers with aspirin.

As OBOZREVATEL found out, some gardeners claim - if you feed the plant with a solution of this drug, the fruits will be sweeter. But experts explain that a mistake has crept into the lifehack.

What is wrong with aspirin as a fertilizer for cucumbers

The mistake is that really the fertilizer for cucumbers is a solution of salicylic acid, whereas the active ingredient in aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid. These are two different chemical compounds. The first really helps to strengthen the cucumber vine and prolong the time of its fruiting, but the second has no benefit for this vegetable.

If you still decide to use salicylic acid to treat the cucumber bed, then give preference to the introduction of the substance by irrigation. After all, spraying can leave burns on the leaves. Only a solution of well calibrated concentration will be safe for the cucumber.

How to care for cucumbers at the end of summer

In the second half of summer, cucumbers still need to be nourished, but choose fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus and avoid nitrogen. If you decide to spray the bed with the appropriate solution, do it early in the morning so that the leaves have time to dry out before it gets hot.

If the night temperature began to fall to +16 degrees and below, the plant should be covered, so that it does not stop fruiting. Install arcs over the cucumbers and cover them with a film overnight.

Do not delay with the harvest. Remove the fruits immediately after they ripen. If you wait until the moment when the seeds begin to ripen in the cucumbers, the plant will regard this as a signal that the fruiting season is over. If you pick them a little earlier, it will continue to form new ovaries.

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