Why you should always take your laptop out of your backpack at the airport

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Laptop must be shown to airport staff during screening

At the airport, you have to follow clear rules and do everything the workers say. They check every person to avoid dangerous situations on board.

If you take your laptop with you on your trip, be prepared to have to give the device to the workers for inspection or even turn it on. ScienceAlert published the real reason for this inspection.

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in the U.S. changed the concept of "security" at airports forever. By that time, it was possible to pass through security with carry-on luggage, which could contain a knife with a 10-centimeter blade. That's how the 9/11 criminals got their weapons aboard the plane.

Since then, the issue of security has been given more attention so as not to lead to such a disaster again. Airport workers seized anything that could be considered a weapon.

Laptops can be used to make an explosive device, so they too must be pulled out of a backpack and shown during screening.

Baggage screening equipment has been improved over the years, so it's easier to spot prohibited items. But a laptop battery has overly dense mechanical components that are not visible on airport scanners. The same goes for chargers and other gadgets.

The scanner won't be able to show officers if there are dangerous items in your bag, so electronic devices should always be removed from suitcases. A laptop in your bag can hide other items that could be dangerous from view. You may even be asked to turn the device on to prove that it poses no danger to others.

Some airports have perfected 3D scanning, allowing travelers to pass through security checks without taking out a laptop.

Phones are also checked, while containers of liquid can't be brought onto the plane at all.

People are sometimes asked to remove shoes, belts and outerwear to check for anything prohibited.

At the airport, our body is also checked. The tall frame you have to go through is a metal detector. It "sees" weapons or other prohibited items that may be hidden under clothing.

In the future, artificial intelligence could check suitcases and people. Some airports already use modern CT scanners to obtain high-definition 3D images.

This technology can be improved with the help of artificial intelligence, which will allow to identify threats much faster.

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