Why you can't drink coffee and tea on the plane: the "secret" of flight attendants will unpleasantly surprise

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Be sure to bring drinks for small children

Many of us can't imagine our morning without a refreshing cup of coffee. This miracle drink will be just right if you expect a long morning flight. But not everyone knows that the flight attendants, who offer their passengers a drink, do not drink tea or coffee themselves. You should think carefully before ordering a fragrant Lavazza or a refreshing carcade tea too.

Portal "Travel and Leisure" shared why you should forget about the hot drinks on board. It turns out, it is bad for your health.

Thus, the water for tea or coffee is taken not from bottles, but from the tap. According to earlier tests, it may not only taste unpleasant, but also contain dangerous bacteria. One study found E. coli in the 20 taps out of 158 planes. These days, 1 in 8 aircraft violate safety standards for water that is poured into airports from a water hose.


"Coffee and tea are made from tap water, which comes from specials taps. If you want coffee, buy it at the terminal and take it with you. If you need a caffeine boost, ask for Coca-Cola or Pepsi," advised flight attendant Sue Fogwell, who has 22 years of flight attendant experience.

Never give young children tea on board. Buy bottled water for them or take a drink from home. Experts also strongly recommend avoiding hot drinks for people with a weakened immune system.

Note that it is also not desirable to drink tomato juice during the flight, as it contains too much salt and increases the acidity in the stomach. As for food, avoid products that cause gas, that includes cabbage, beans, lentils and broccoli.


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