Why you can't charge your phone on the bed: the consequences can be critical

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Experts warn that charging your phone on your bed can cause a fire

Charging your phone is one of those mundane tasks that we overlook and the subtleties of which we sometimes pay too little attention to. Meanwhile, some of our charging habits can be quite dangerous.

One such habit is charging your phone on your bed. OBOZREVATEL learned what's wrong with it.

Connect your phone to the charger and put it near you in bed or even under your pillow can be very convenient. This way you won't miss an alarm clock or an important message. Moreover, browsing the pages on the screen can be at any time. However, experts are against this habit.

The problem lies in the ability of the battery to heat up during charging. If you put it on a surface that retains heat, such as a blanket, plaid or mattress, this overheating can increase significantly. In such a case, there is a risk of fire. It increases even more if you cover the unit with a pillow on top. Then the battery will be heated from two sides at once and will heat up much faster.

The rule not to charge on the bed or couch applies to any electronic gadgets with rechargeable batteries like tablets, fitness trackers, smart watches, etc. Even the smallest battery can be a source of fire.

How to charge your phone safely. Experts advise following two key rules:

  • Put the device connected to charging on a flat hard surface, such as a table or a pedestal;
  • Do not leave gadgets unattended while charging.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL shared whether it is possible to interrupt the charging of a smartphone before it reaches 100%.

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