Why wear pin on clothes: how to choose one

Garment pin

A hairpin is usually used as an amulet from the evil eye. Symbolically, it supposedly protects a person's energy space from negative influences.

Superstitious people say that just putting a pin on clothes is not enough. OBOZREVATEL tells what is the essence of the belief and how to choose the right pin for the amulet

How to pick up a pin

You should pay attention to the color of the hairpin:

  • green, according to the belief, is suitable for children and pregnant women;
  • violet amulet is chosen by elderly people;
  • black pin will help get rid of the lack of money;
  • red pins have long been used by women for love rituals;
  • yellow and orange ones can be given as a protective amulet to a friend.

The material should be strong enough: stainless steel, silver or gold.

Children's pins

Our ancestors made amulets for newborns, trying to protect the energy field of the child. It was believed that it could shield the baby from unfriendly looks.

How to wear

The amulet is advised to be worn on the reverse side of the clothes. The head of the pin should "look" down. It is best to attach it to the hem of the dress or the bottom of the shirt. In addition, you can wear the amulet in your pocket. The main thing is that it should not be seen by strangers.

If the pin breaks and falls

Since ancient times they said: if the pin suddenly breaks and fell, it can not be hung back. This means that the amulet has fulfilled its role, having absorbed all the negative energy.

The pin should also be regularly cleaned of negativity. Supporters of the supertition advise to do this in the full Moon. Having washed the pin with cold water, put it overnight in salt. Salt, according to beliefs, has cleansing properties. In the morning, attach the amulet to your clothes, and wash the salt in the sink under running water.

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