Why sneakers and other shoes have loops on the back

The loops on sneakers serve different functions

Many shoes have a small loop on the back of the shoe. Most people do not know its purpose and think that it is just a decorative element.

However, it performs many functions. OBOZREVATEL will help to understand them.

If there is no shoe spoon nearby, then the loop at the back will help to put shoes on. It is necessary to grasp the loop with your finger, pull and put the shoe on. This convenient way will save you from unnecessary hassle.

Such a decorative element will leave your hands clean if the sneakers are dirty. You will be able to put them on without touching another surface.

The lace and loops will help you wash your shoes in the washing machine safely. Tie the sneakers together with the lace and put them into the machine. This way, they won't get tossed around the drum too much. This will not only keep the shoes looking nice but also won't damage the washing machine.

Drying shoes is also much easier with the help of loops. You can hang them on a clothesline using clothespins.

To look trendy and modern, you can use loops to lace up your sneakers. First, lace up your shoes in the usual way, then thread the lace through the loop and around your foot. This will not only make you look more attractive but also secure the shoes on your feet.

Sometimes loops are also used for human safety. They are made of materials that can reflect light. Thus, the driver will be able to see the pedestrian on the road in the evening or at night.

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