Why put scotch tape on the scoop: the essence of the trick and how to do it right

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Construction tape - an unexpected helper in dry floor cleaning

Dry cleaning with a broom and dustpan can be a real stress for perfectionists and lovers of perfect cleanliness. That's because picking up trash with a dustpan seems like an impossible task. No matter how much you sweep, some amount of dust will remain on the floor. And collect it will have to either a wet rag or other alternative method. That is, you will have to put extra effort.

But OBOZREVATEL found out about the tips that will solve this problem more easily. All you need for the first one is a strip of tape. The main condition is that the tape must be a construction tape, not a paper-based one.

A strip of such tape will allow you to remove the gap between the edge of the scoop and the floor. To do this, it must be evenly glued to the front edge of the tool. After this, it will begin to adhere tightly to the floor and fine dust will no longer remain after cleaning.

Another trick involves using an even simpler item - the most common paper towel. Before collecting dust on the dustpan, take one towel and moisten it generously with water, then place the dustpan on the floor and lay the wet paper so that it lies with one half in it and the other half on the floor. After that, you can sweep the dirt inside. The broom will drive the large particles into the dustpan, and the small ones will stick to the paper. This way you can pick up fine dirt without leaving any residue, even from a porous and uneven concrete floor and from tiles with a lot of seams. The towel with dust on it afterwards is also placed in a dustpan and thrown away with all the debris. It does not even have to be picked up from the floor.

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