Why mow potato haulm: tips for gardeners

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Harvested haulm in time will help to fight pests and diseases of potatoes.

It is not uncommon to see a potato bed bare on the eve of potato harvesting. The haulm from the bushes is mowed, but the roots are still in the ground.

OBOZREVATEL analyzed what is the essence of such a gardening lifehack. And what it gives those who want to collect a big harvest. There were several reasons for this.

Disease prevention

It is closer to August, when the tubers are more or less formed and mature in the ground, that potato haulm starts to get sick more often. It can be affected primarily by Phytophthora. And damaged stems and leaves badly affect the harvest. If you get rid of the upper part of the plant after flowering, the disease will not attack it.

Pest control

Potato pests such as the Colorado potato beetle feed on the green part of the plant. While the tubers are still in the developmental stage, it is impossible to radically solve this issue - you have to spray the area and collect beetles manually. But when the root system will be able to cope with bringing the crop to maturity on its own, you can get rid of the haulm, getting rid of the beetle problem at the same time.

Increase in tuber size

In a normal situation, the plant spends its resources on sustaining life in all parts of the plant - above and below ground. When the haulm is no longer needed, it can be mowed. In this case, the potato will concentrate all its energies on the formation of large and nutritious tubers. During the ripening period, they will further increase in size and absorb more nutrients.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told that it is better to sow after potatoes to restore soil fertility on the site.

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