Why experienced housewives burn bay leaves at home: solves five problems at once

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Laurel leaves

Laurel leaves can be used for more than just their intended purpose in cooking. The specific odor released when bay leaves burn will help in a variety of situations, from stress relief to insect control.

There are several interesting lifehacks related to burning bay leaves at home. OBOZREVATEL has collected five of the most effective ones.

Elimination of unpleasant odors

Laurel leaves are a unique neutralizer of unpleasant odors. They stop the reproduction of bacteria, which in most cases are the cause of a sharp repulsive odor. This does not only apply to the room. Laurel leaves are advised to put in shoes for at least 6 hours, and better - overnight. Those who have already tried the lyfhak, say that by morning there is no trace of the unpleasant odor.


Experts believe that bay leaves can relax and soothe. It can become a kind of aromatherapy in combination with essential oils. The smell of smoldering leaves will normalize the psychological state, relax after a hard day and get rid of bad moods.

Analgesic effect

The smell of bay leaves will definitely not cope with a severe headache. But there is evidence that sometimes such aromatherapy can relieve mild pain.

Therapy for breathing

Inhalations with bay leaves are popular among the people. Also, if there are problems with breathing, it was advised to set fire to a few bay leaves. This will make breathing a little easier. However, if you have serious health problems or a severe runny nose, you should consult a doctor.

Control of cockroaches and other insects

Cockroaches and other insects can be carriers of serious infectious diseases. So it is necessary to fight them without delay. If it is not possible to call an exterminator promptly, try the laurel leaves flyhack.

Insects cannot tolerate its odor, so they will quickly leave your home. They say that for prevention, you can also scatter bay leaves in the corners of the room and put them on the shelf with cereals.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told, in what dishes bay leaf is better not to add.

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