Why cats "fly" around the apartment at night: a simple explanation

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Cats often scream at night

Often cat biorhythms do not coincide with human biorhythms, so pets that have been sleeping sweetly and sweetly all day, at night start to "fly" around the apartment and meow loudly. The owners, tired after a hard day's work, are of course "delighted" with the night cat activity.

Experts explain it by the fact that it is in the dark time of the day there is a natural activation of animal energy, because at night their prey - rodents wake up. Details about the reasons for the night noise of cats told the publication Inverse.

After midnight and at dawn, cats' internal rhythms tell them it's time to hunt, according to Devisi Mikel Delgado, a researcher at the UCLA School of Veterinary Medicine. That's one reason why cats scurry around the apartment like crazy at night.

The cat, rested during the day, has accumulated energy and at night simply "throws off" its excess, not understanding why the owner does not pay enough attention to him.

Perhaps the animal just wants to eat or drink, so before going to bed, make sure that your cat's plates are full and the litter box is clean.

Veterinarians say that in this way, the cat may be anxious - he may be annoyed by the glow of technology and extraneous sounds. If you got your cat from the street, this behavior will be natural for him for a while, until he begins to trust you and feel safe.

In case your usually calm cat has started to get loud and literally "climb the wall" - it may be time for him to mate.

But you should especially pay attention to the state of health of your pet. Sudden nocturnal activity and irritability may indicate thyroid problems, cognitive dysfunction in older cats, skin diseases, etc.

There is another explanation for nocturnal cat activity - it may simply be a breed trait. For example, Siamese cats are very prone to shouting.

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