Who will have serious problems in the coming days: horoscope


The eclipse season is over and the last week of Mercury retrograde has arrived. However, representatives of the three zodiac signs will have the worst period from May 9 to 14.

Astrologers have a word of comfort: some of the most favorable astrological events of the year are just around the corner, so let's not lose faith because the best is yet to come. This week will begin with the Moon entering the pragmatic sign of Capricorn. The transit is putting more emphasis on fundamental structures and long-term plans. Things worsen when the Moon enters Aquarius on May 10, where it eventually "collides" with Mercury retrograde in Taurus.


You are very bold, determined, and confident in your abilities. However, astrologers say it's best to go with the flow this week. This is especially important given your celestial ruler's (Sun) conjunction with fickle Uranus, as it will shake your 10th house career, credibility, and reputation.

The stars advise sympathy and empathy. But don't lose your boundaries. You may feel sudden pressure from those around you. In addition, you will be wrapping up important negotiations or projects at work. You should make sure that there are no mistakes in the documents and double-check the information.


Take a deep breath and try to calm down. Your depressed emotions need an outlet. At the beginning of the week, you won't feel your best. Fatigue and depression will keep you from moving forward.

The Sun will also join forces with freedom-loving Uranus on May 9, bringing surprising changes to your eighth house of contractual agreements, shared resources, and alliances. A sudden leap in your career could provoke violent emotions. You're not big on quarrels and confrontations, so you should discuss important issues with your family or partner on which there is no unanimity.


Even though you're trying very hard to focus on your career goals, chaos in your personal life is almost inevitable. The Sun's conjunction with Uranus in your relationship sector on May 9 is likely to bring some unexpected upheaval.

It may also have some sentimental value, given Venus' transit through Cancer. The key is, to be honest with yourself and your partner. You shouldn't constantly avoid sincere conversations; you need understanding and empathy.

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