Who should take a chance: Tarot horoscope for the week for all signs


The period from May 15 to 21 will bring many interesting surprises. Some signs will have a unique opportunity to change their lives, but it is worth stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a risk.

According to astrologers, Tarot cards always help shed light on hidden circumstances. The card of the week is the Five of Cups. It indicates that one should put away past suffering and begin the healing process. Staying depressed for too long may not see bright prospects.

Aries - Queen of Swords.

This is your stellar time. The Queen of Swords is an incredibly heartfelt card that represents intellectual maturity and helps set you up for success. Important decisions will need to be made. This card is a reminder to rely on your logic and look at all the facts before proceeding in the right direction. You have a lot of experience that will come in handy.

Taurus - Eight of Cups.

This week you'll want to abstract yourself from a disappointing situation. Problems will be in relationships and at work. Instead of focusing on suffering, accept reality as it is. Getting out of your comfort zone can be traumatic, but sitting in one place all the time will hurt you more in the long run.

Gemini - Justice.

You are one step away from making a decision that will affect the rest of your life. You've been standing at this fork in the road for a long time now, not knowing which path to take. Justice means that the best choice comes through a perfect combination of reason and intuition. This is a fateful week to make your final choice.

Cancer - King of Wands.

The King of Wands recognizes that you have the strength and courage to accept a new reality and take an important step. Now is the time to stand firm for your truth and values. The key to success is to be clear about the direction you want to go and set realistic goals.

Leo - Six of Swords.

You will finally let go of something (or someone) that has been holding you back for too long. It can be a very difficult decision, but sometimes there is simply no choice but to go your own way. You've been holding on too tightly to these traumatic relationships that have caused you so much pain.

Virgo - Death.

Fear not: The Death card should never be taken literally. It does not, of course, mean physical death. Rather, it is a transformation of yourself and the giving up of things that no longer serve you. Ending a certain stage of life can pave the way for something much more successful.

Libra - Queen of Cups.

The Queen of Cups indicates emotional maturity, compassion, and caring. Someone will need your support this week. Perhaps a friend will share their relationship problems with you or a colleague will ask for support and help. When this happens, the stars advise staying emotionally detached from the problem.

Scorpio - Six of Pentacles

The six of pentacles is a card of generosity, charity, giving, and receiving. Literally, it can indicate that you can give someone a loan or other financial support. However, it also symbolizes generosity of spirit, openness to change, and profound transformations of consciousness.

Sagittarius - King of Cups.

The King of Cups indicates a perceptive and emotionally balanced personality. This card reminds you to use your emotional maturity in personal relationships and at work. Infantilism and running away from problems are not about you.

Capricorn - Seven of Pentacles.

Take your time and don't get discouraged if you don't get what you want. Not all goals can be achieved at once. You may have been working on a project that still hasn't turned a profit. Understandably, this has become a source of frustration for you. Remind yourself that it wasn't an easy task, and be proud of the effort you've already put in. Your hard work and patience may not have paid off yet, but you will soon be rewarded.

Aquarius - Four of Wands.

It's time to celebrate! The Four of Wands indicates that you are working hard to achieve your goals. This week it would be a good idea to pause and just take stock of everything you've already accomplished. The stars recommend relaxing with friends or family. You could even throw a noisy party.

Pisces - Power.

The Strength card indicates that you have the inner fortitude needed to overcome a difficult situation. You have been experiencing anger, discouragement, fear or shame, but this week the negative emotions will subside. You are ready to accept the new reality and act in accordance with the circumstances.

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