Who should say hello and shake hands first: rules of etiquette

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Rules of etiquette

Etiquette rules are a set of norms that must be observed in order to make a good impression. First of all, a person should say hello correctly and make eye contact to start a pleasant conversation.

To say hello to a person is a manifestation of politeness, but you need to know how to do it correctly in different situations. OBOZREVATEL has sorted out this issue.

Greeting is a manifestation of mutual respect. In any situation it should show your favor and benevolence. It should not be influenced by mood or negative attitude to a person.

Greetings by seniority

When meeting men of the same age, you should greet and extend your hand to shake at the same time. The younger person should greet the older person first, but the older person should be the first to extend his hand for a greeting.

Greeting a girl

When a guy meets a girl, he should greet her first, but it is up to the woman to extend her hand or not.

If two married couples meet, the women are the first to greet each other. Men should first greet women and then shake hands with each other, taking off their gloves if they have them.

Greeting without gloves means a friendly attitude to a man and shows that he is unarmed. This custom comes from ancient times.

Greeting familiar and unfamiliar people

If a couple meets a person unfamiliar to one of them, men greet and shake hands, and girls can be greeted with a simple nod of the head.

Large company

The greeting depends on whether the person knows everyone present or not. If a man or woman in the company meets a friend who is unfamiliar to others, it is up to the person to introduce him or her or not. One may say hello to him or her with a nod of the head, apologize to the others, and step back if necessary.

If you are visiting and do not know everyone present, you should first say hello to the lady of the house. Then say hello to the other women. You can just nod your head.

Men are greeted last, it is up to you whether you shake hands or not.

Business etiquette

Following the rules of business etiquette in a business environment supports the business style of the company as a whole.

When entering a room where there are other employees, you should first say hello to the person you are visiting or who has invited you to a meeting, calling the person by first name and middle name. The highest ranking person initiates a handshake.

In business introductions, the person to whom the new employee has been introduced should shake hands first.

Who should shake hands first is determined by the seniority of the position held. For example, a junior employee greets the supervisor, but whether or not to give a handshake is up to the supervisor.

If an employee is sitting but a supervisor is passing by, he should stand up and say hello.

Thefirst always greets the one who is in the subordinate, regardless of whether it is a woman or a man. A woman's handshake in the business sphere is no different from a man's.

But if the head goes into the office to the subordinates, the first to say hello should he.

Also remember that when shaking hands, the second hand should not be in the pocket - it is considered an indicator of poor tact.

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