Who celebrates the name day on May 5: all about this day

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On May 5, Orthodox believers honor the memory of St. Theodore of Sikiot. On this day the weather foretold whether summer warmth would come soon and what the harvest would be like.

The world celebrates International Day for the Fight for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Portuguese Language Day, and International Midwife's Day. Theodors, Lydia, Makars, Nikons, Alexei, Sergei, Stephens, Anastasia, Varvara, Vasily, and George have their birthdays. Read about the traditions and beliefs of this day in the material of OBOZREVATEL.

The Day of St. Theodore

Even before Theodore was born, his mother had a vision of a boy who was destined to fulfill a great mission. Theodore was born in the Galatian city of Sikei (hence his name Theodore-Sikiot). When the boy was six years old, a second vision occurred: St. George reported that the Lord required Theodore to come to him. The mother and the boy were not frightened, for they immediately understood that this meant not the baby's imminent death, but his great spiritual purpose in life.

The young Theodore renounced worldly goods, observed a very strict fast, and prayed constantly. At the age of 14, he decided to become a hermit and settled in a cave. Subsequently, he realized that solitude alone could not serve the people, so he agreed to become an abbot of a monastery and then a bishop. Ten years later Theodore returned to his life as a hermit. Eyewitnesses said that Theodore had a real gift - he performed many healings and miracles.

Folk Prohibitions

Our ancestors used to say that on Theodore's day, it was forbidden to go into the woods or other uninhabited places - otherwise, disaster might happen.

As on all church holidays, it was forbidden to swear, curse or insult others.

Weather signs

On May 5, it has long been customary to begin planting onions. For dinner, dishes were served that included this vegetable. They also formed peculiar "amulets against evil spirits" by hanging bundles of onions in the corners.

On this day people used the weather to predict what heat would come soon. Most of the signs were associated with birds.

To hear a cuckoo singing means sunny and warm days; summer will not keep you waiting.

To see a flock of birds flying in the sky - to good long-awaited news.

If on Theodore's day, a thunderstorm suddenly began - don't be frightened. Thunderstorms are the harbinger of a coming bountiful harvest.

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