Which dogs should not be allowed in bed: shedding breeds

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A Sennenhund, Leonberger or Akita Inu would make a too big and too shaggy teddy bear for sleeping.

The question of whether or not to let pets in bed has been discussed for a long time and no unambiguous answer has been found. Scientists and doctors say that this is not the best idea in terms of hygiene, and animal lovers flatly refuse to kick out their pets from the pillows. And everyone is right in their own way. As for dogs, then here you can make a more or less objective picture, guided by certain characteristics of individual breeds.

For example, you are unlikely to want to sleep with a dog that leaves a lot of hair and drools (although not everyone will agree with this). OBOZREVATEL tells you which dogs can cause the most discomfort. And which on the contrary - will be very comfortable neighbors on the sleeping place.

Dogs with whom you should not sleep

If we deduce a general rule, it can be reduced to the wording - the larger the dog, the more difficult it is to share a bed with him. The activity of the animal, the way it sheds and drools is also taken into account.

Bernese Mountain Dog. First, this large dog weighing under 50 kg will take up too much space under the blanket. In addition, sennenhunds shed a lot, drool and can make noise in their sleep, up to unexpected barking.

Leonberger. As the breed name suggests, sleeping with a Leonberger is like sleeping with a lion. In winter it can still be pleasant, but in summer such a mane will warm too much. This dog is huge and can jostle in his sleep. Also from leonbergers fall off a lot of hair and they drool.

Akita Inu. Akitas have a very stubborn character and may not agree to sleep the way you want, so do not let such a dog under the blanket, unless you want to search for a corner all night while the dog is resting the best way possible. Akita's saliva does not flow, but they are one of the champions in terms of hair loss, which makes them poor sleep partners.

Dogs that can be let into bed

Medium to small dogs, especially those that are not overly active, can be comfortable enough for bedding. Even with heavy hair loss, they will not leave as much hair on the bedding.

Yorkshire Terrier. This is one of the nicest dogs to touch, as its coat is similar in structure to soft human hair and it hardly ever falls out. Yorkies sleep quite soundly, and take up even less space than the average cat.

Maltese. Maltese are calm dogs that won't fidget around near you all night and bark unexpectedly. They're just as cuddly to the touch, but they're a bit larger than yorkies, so they can be cuddled more confidently in their sleep, which can even be comforting. Some call Maltesers the perfect dogs for sleeping.

Shih Tzu. And the third miniature shaggy dog on the list. This is an ornamental breed that naturally loves to snuggle in pillows and can infect its owners with this predilection. Despite their thick coat, Shih Tzu's hardly shed at all. In addition, they are not inclined to bark in their sleep.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL published the opinion of scientists, why animals to let in bed still should not.

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