Which cats are most attached to their owners: five most affectionate breeds

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Siamese, Maine Coons and Scottish Folds will adore you with all their souls

Over the millennia of coexisting alongside humans, cats have managed to love us and form a strong bond with us. Even though they value their independence more than anything else. But some breeds tend to show great affection. They adore physical contact, some happily "respond" with vocalizations to the words of their humans and become extremely attached to their owners.

Veterinary blog OVRS has named five of these breeds. If you want your pooch to not just love you, but actively show affection, take a closer look at these.


These calm and poised creatures spread a sense of comfort and peace around them. They will happily lie on the couch with you and will be happier the more time you spend with them at home. A Persian cat will watch you all day long and will not miss an opportunity to come up and pet you, especially if no one can see what emotions this proud beauty is capable of.

Scottish Fold

In addition to their calm disposition and adaptability, these cats have a talent for getting along well with all members of the family and other animals. They will not be frightened by children's noises or dog barking - they feel perfectly at home in a house where many other creatures live. Unlike most other cat breeds, Scottish folds are not too fond of spending time alone. You can expect your pet to come to you for cuddles on its own and will constantly ask to be petted.

Maine Coon

This giant is a reliable and loyal companion for the people he loves. Yes, when a dozen kilograms of rugged beauty lies on your lap and purrs loudly, it can be physically challenging. But try to feel how honorable it is - to be a favorite mommy or daddy to such a creature. Maine Coons love to sleep with their humans. They are also extremely fun to play with and will happily amuse you with their antics just to cheer you up.


If you look into a Siamese's sky blue eyes, you can see pure love in them. Despite its desire for independence, this breed is not without a great interest in the affairs of its owners. Whatever you are doing, the blue-eyed beauty will be by your side. Representatives of the breed also like to approach people and touch them with their paws as if they were gently stroking them. Siamese love physical contact with humans and almost never mind a hug, they are so affectionate.


Ragdolls have a cute habit of meeting and greeting people loudly right at the front door. They really miss you when you are not home. They also get along well with other animals and children. Just be sure to give your furry creature a vantage point from which he can peek at you with a loving gaze. And don't forget to carry a ragdoll in your arms - this breed was specially bred for this kind of contact, and these cats just love it.

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