Where to spend Easter in Ukraine: the top of the most beautiful spring locations for family vacations

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Nothing in the world will make Ukrainians forget about one of the most important Christian holidays, Easter. This year it falls on April 16. Of course, now is not the time for travel, but if you decide to spend the weekend with your family somewhere outside your city, here is a selection of the most beautiful places of spring.


This small town in the Ivano-Frankivsk region is perfect for a short family vacation. It has everything for your comfort: cozy coffee houses, authentic cafes with traditional Ukrainian cuisine, golden-domed churches, and the most famous museum "Pysanka" in Ukraine. And the Carpathians are at hand, so you can still visit a few excursions in the mountains.



This small town in Zhytomyr region is not too well known among tourists, and for good reason. Korosten is incredibly beautiful in spring. The local park on the river bank will charm you with its quiet paths and small waterfall. You can also admire the rocky shore and pick mushrooms in the woods.



The ancient city in the Lviv region can easily be confused with the settlements of Poland. And no wonder, because the architecture of Zhovkva was formed under the influence of our western neighbor. By the way, here is situated the residence of Jan Sobieski, the king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Also, you should not miss the St. Lawrence Church, Basilian Monastery, and the wooden church of the Holy Trinity with a unique iconostasis of the XVII century.



Another Ukrainian city with an ancient history. The first settlements here appeared over 12 thousand years ago, so for the time of its existence, Beregovo accumulated a lot of interesting things that attract tourists now. For example, you can visit the XVIII century Earl's Courtyard, the City Court, which is over 100 years old, and the Jewish ritual baths. Also, the city is considered the center of wine and spa tourism in Zakarpattya.



This maximally quiet and tranquil small town in the Ternopil region is seemingly specially designed for families. The narrow streets paved with cobblestones, ancient cathedrals, low houses, and very comfortable prices are just what you need for a weekend getaway. It is also full of interesting historical sites, in particular the ancient town hall, several churches and churches.



Lviv region is rich in beautiful cities. Zolochev is one of them. And it is not only the castle that miraculously survived during World War II, but also dozens of other historic buildings that make the locality popular among tourists. In particular, you should visit the Church of the Ascension, the Magistrate's building, the Church of St. Nicholas, and the Church of the Ascension.



It is not so much the beautiful buildings of the 19th century that made this city famous, but rather its most famous resident. Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian political and social activist and the head of the OUN spent his childhood here. Not surprisingly, you can visit the museum of his family here. Also worth seeing are the Monument to the Fighters for Freedom of Ukraine, the synagogue, and the old gymnasium.


Be especially careful this Easter weekend. Do not ignore the alarms and remember that Monday after the holiday is a normal working day.

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