When to transplant strawberries to get sweet berries

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When and how to properly transplant strawberries

When growing strawberries, you need to remember one important nuance: if they grow on the same bed for several years in a row, the yield will be significantly reduced. Strawberries need transplanting for quality growth and development.

It is important not only to choose the right place but also to monitor the level of humidity, take care of the roots and apply fertilizers. To know when to transplant strawberries to get sweet berries, read the OBOZREVATEL material.

When you should transplant strawberries

If strawberries grow on one bed for several years, the soil gradually begins to deplete. This leads to the fact that the berries grow small, watery and sour.

In summer, bushes can grow too dense. Thus, without sufficient air circulation, the risk of diseases, including fungal ones, increases.

It is better to choose a cloudy but not rainy day for transplanting in the period after harvest. It is not recommended to transplant strawberries in June as the root system may not take root in a new place and bushes will simply die.

August is the optimal month for transplanting. The roots will have time to strengthen before cold weather.

When to transplant strawberries to get sweet berries

How to choose a bed for transplanting

Strawberries like warm and sunny places. It is important to provide the plant with protection from drafts. Water the bushes regularly, but moderately. Excessive moisture will spoil the harvest and provoke the appearance of fungal spores.

Strawberries grow best on sandy soil. To improve the structure, you can add a little sand to the bed.

Choose compost, wood ash and chicken manure for fertilizers. The soil should be saturated with nutrients in advance.

What seedlings to choose

Experienced vegetable gardeners advise to give preference to healthy four-leaf seedlings with a developed root system. The roots should be about 12 centimeters in length. Carefully inspect the seedlings and check if there are signs of fungal infections.

How to transplant strawberries

Mature plants form a special kind of shoots, which are called runners. You need to choose the strongest and healthiest ones. When transplanting plants, they are placed in loose soil saturated with useful substances and watered generously. Organic fertilizers will help strengthen the root system.

Transplanting can also be done by dividing. This is a fast and proven method. You will get the first harvest already next year. Remove all dry leaves from the bush and wash the seedling under a stream of water. Strawberry seedling should be divided into parts, each of which should have an active growth point.

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