When to mow potatoes: the perfect time for a rich harvest

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Potato mowing rules

June is a hot time for gardeners. After the spring rains and the appearance of the first sprouts comes the period of mowing. There are still discussions among gardeners about the necessity of this process. One thing's for sure - perching really does improve the crop.

The timing of hilling depends on many factors: weather conditions, rainfall, temperature fluctuations and the type of potatoes you choose. OBOZREVATEL investigated when to start hilling potatoes.

When to mow potatoes

There are indeed many advantages to mowing. There are three main ones:

  1. Mowing helps create a healthy root system.
  2. This process keeps water and air at the roots.
  3. Some gardeners say that dipping can even protect potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle.

It is better to dip after the rain, when the soil is saturated with moisture. If the beginning of summer is dry, you can pre-water the bed.

During flowering, it is not recommended to dip the potatoes - this can have a bad effect on the yield. You can carry out in parallel with mowing and fertilizing, introducing humus, sawdust or compost into the soil. These fertilizers will saturate the tubers with nutrients.

The first dip should be carried out after the first sprouts appear. It is optimal for the leaves to extend 7-10 cm above the ground. Early hilling is necessary to improve the root system.

The second dip begins two weeks after the first one, and the third and last one a month later.

If the potatoes began to bloom, and you did not have time with the dip, it is better to do it after the end of flowering, or not to do it at all.

Mowing rules

Early mowing is carried out with a power tiller or sapa. It is important that the bushes are covered with earth on all sides, so it is necessary to grasp the soil from between the rows deeply enough.

The second mowing is done before flowering begins. The height of the bush should reach about 15-17 cm. Mowing at this stage is necessary so that the tubers do not come out of the soil. Under direct sunlight, the potato acquires a characteristic green color. It increases the production of glycoalkaloids, including the poisonous solanine.

The third dip is done when the bush reaches 23-26 cm. It is desirable to do it manually, with the help of a dustpan. It is not necessary to fill almost the entire bush with earth, it is enough to throw a little soil on top and between the shoots. This is necessary so that the potato grows more in width.

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