What you need to do before planting an apple tree in the fall so that seedlings will root like native ones

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For high-quality rooting, the apple tree needs phosphorus

The warm half of fall is a good time to add new fruit trees to your garden. It is now that they have time to take root and prepare for the winter so that they can start growing in full in the spring. In particular, it is good to plant apple trees in the fall.

OBOZREVATEL asked gardeners about the secrets of how to do it in the best way and how to enrich the soil so that the seedling takes root well.

It turned out that young apple trees need phosphorus for full rooting. It helps the tree develop a full root system, without which it risks not surviving the winter.

Of course, you can try to calculate the required amount of phosphorus in organic fertilizers, but in order not to take unnecessary risks, experts advise using superphosphate to feed apple trees planted in the fall. This is a simple fertilizer that is easily absorbed by plants and contains iron, fluorine and other elements they need.

Superphosphate should be applied to the planting hole. Typically, apple trees are planted in holes 60 cm in diameter and 80 cm deep. To fertilize the seedling properly, you need to add a bucket of humus to the bottom of the hole: it will improve the quality of the soil and provide it with good drainage. One kilogram of mineral fertilizer is poured onto the humus.

An important caveat is that the young apple tree should not touch the superphosphate directly with its roots. This can cause burns and even death of the entire plant. Therefore, you need to pour the remains of the humus on top of the granules or cover it with a layer of soil. When the hole preparation is complete, the apple tree can be planted in it. It should take well and successfully survive the winter.

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