What you can't put in the oven: the dangers

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Ideally, ovenware should be specially labeled

Many experts advise cooking food in the oven - it's one of the healthiest ways to heat food. But it can be ruined by the utensils you use. Some items from the temperature can start to release dangerous substances or flare up.

OBOZREVATEL tells you what kind of utensils are not good for the oven. And reminds - always look for a marking on it, which will tell you whether you can put a particular item in the oven or not. And the general rules are as follows.


As a rule, plastic under the influence of high temperature melts. And this on the one hand spoils the dish, releasing harmful substances into it, on the other - creates a high level of fire hazard. And although experts say that some types of plastic can withstand heat, they can be difficult to identify. Therefore, it's best to just give up on the idea.


Despite being a completely natural material, wood is likely to warp in the oven. And glued wooden dishes are very likely to come apart along the gluing lines.

Cookware without special markings

The fact that the object is suitable for use in the oven is indicated by a small icon on the bottom of the dish. It depicts a bowl of hot food inside an oven square and means that the item can be used in this way. If there is no such symbol on the plate or mold, experts do not advise using it for baking.

Cardboard and paper

Even if the oven is set to a low temperature, using cardboard in this way dramatically increases the risk of fire. There are some exceptions, such as cooking paper, which is made specifically for cooking at high temperatures. But with the rest, it's best not to take any chances. Just avoid paper and cardboard when cooking in the oven.

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