What you can eat with your hands: rules of table etiquette

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It is quite acceptable to eat sushi with your hands, and it is even desirable to eat fruit with your hands

The rules of table etiquette require you to eat different dishes with different utensils. Moreover, for each type of dish there are different spoons, forks and knives, which you need to know how to use correctly. But still some exceptions have even this approach.

The most common example of such a dish is pizza. To cut it with a knife and eat it with a fork is not accepted, it is better to take pieces with your hands. OBOZREVATEL tells what dishes are consumed in this way - without any devices.

Sushi and rolls

Yes, the main tool for eating sushi is chopsticks, but they are not the only ones. The Japanese dish can also be picked up with your hands, which is also an acceptable practice. In addition, it can make it easier for those who find it difficult to cope with chopsticks. The main thing is to never pick up the dish with a fork.

French fries

This popular side dish should be eaten without the use of utensils. Each slice is taken with bare hands and, if desired, dipped gently into the sauce.

Crayfish, lobster, shrimp

Here, too, the approach to consumption is ambiguous. For example, shrimp cooked with tails are eaten with hands, but peeled shrimp are eaten with a fork. To eat crayfish and lobsters, they use tongs to split the shells, as well as a special long fork to get the meat from the narrow and deep parts of the lobster. But in general, they are taken apart by hand.


Small parts of poultry, such as wings or ribs, are eaten with hands. Partridges, quail and grouse are also eaten with hands. Larger pieces and other poultry and game are still eaten with instruments.


Like French fries, this plant is picked up with your hands and dipped in the sauce before putting it in your mouth. If the stalk is large, it is acceptable to cut it into pieces in the plate.

Fruits and berries

It is customary to eat any sweet fruits with tails and cuttings with bare hands. But blackberries or raspberries and other berries without stalks, which can stain clothes with their juice, it is better to take them carefully with a spoon.


As a restaurant dish, pilaf is consumed with a fork. But traditionally, the nomads of Asia, who invented it, did not use cutlery and therefore simply took rice and pieces of meat in small pinches. Moreover, the whole cooked pilaf was poured onto one big plate from which the whole family ate it.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told how the rules of etiquette regulate the consumption of food on the street and in public places.

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