What to water roses to make them bloom and smell better: a simple fertilizer

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Epsom salt is used for a variety of purposes, it is also effective as a fertilizer.

June is the start of the rose blooming season, which lasts until late fall, depending on the variety of flowers. Therefore, the question of how to feed roses remains relevant throughout the summer.

As OBOZREVATEL found out, experienced gardeners advise to use Epsom salt for this purpose. It is also known as English salt. It is a natural mineral (seven-water magnesium sulfate), which is used in various fields - cosmetics, medicine, food industry, as well as a fertilizer for plants. It helps roses maintain bright color and a distinct scent of flowers.

What is Epsom salt good for plants?

The elements in English salt help plants - both flowers and vegetables - grow properly. Magnesium and sulfur, which make up the mineral, increase their resistance to diseases and pests.

These substances also promote photosynthesis and help plants absorb nutrients from soil or fertilizer. Fertilizing with Epsom salt helps to better root young cuttings, grow plants without deforming stems and leaves, make flowering more lush and the harvest richer. That is, the usefulness of the product for the garden and vegetable garden is quite obvious.

How to understand that roses need Epsom salt?

On a plant called the queen of flowers, the leaves can sometimes shrivel and become deformed and yellow spots appear on them. This indicates a lack of sulfur, from which the rose suffers. If the plant lacks magnesium, the flowers are less bright and less fragrant. English salt can help with each of these problems.

How do I use Epsom salt for roses?

The best way to apply it to flowers is by watering. Usually two tablespoons per four liters of water is enough to prepare the dressing. This is the proportion in which the rose fully absorbs the substances contained in the English salt.

Fertilizing with this agent can be done once a month. Weakened rose bushes - once every two weeks until full recovery. But in this case, the salt concentration in the water is reduced by half. Only one tablespoon of the product is added to four liters of water.

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