What to watch this weekend: 5 interesting movies with a fascinating plot

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These 5 films from September can still be seen in the cinema

The last weekend of September is here, but you have no plans?

OBOZREVATEL has prepared for you a selection of 5 films that you can watch in the Ukrainian box office right now. Bring your friends and family, because you'll definitely find something you like: September's premieres have given us a variety of genres.


Genre: Adventure and historical action

The movie Dovbush has already made a splash, but if you haven't had a chance to watch this Ukrainian film, grab the last chance and go to the cinema. The plot revolves around a real historical figure - Oleksa Dovbush, the famous leader of the opryshky. The film will take you to the Carpathians of the 18th century, when the land was ruled by cruel Polish nobles, forcing the Hutsuls to flee to the mountains. A feud arises between Oleksa and his brother Ivan, who are both outlaws: one has money on his mind, the other wants justice and revenge for the death of his parents. The Polish gentry is defeated in the Hutsul uprising led by Oleksa.

Ghosts in Venice

Genre: Thriller, detective, supernatural

The movie tells another amazing story of Hercule Poirot, the main character of Agatha Christie's detectives. This time, the events take place in postwar Venice, on the eve of Halloween. Poirot is already retired, so he lives in one of the most famous cities in Italy. One day, the detective, without much enthusiasm, attends a séance in an abandoned haunted palace. But when one of the guests is killed, Poirot is forced to unravel the mystery of the sinister world of shadows.

Unstoppable 4

Genre: Action, action, adventure

"The Unstoppables" are the last line of defense of the Planet. This is the team that appears when there can be no more threat. They are armed and have the highest level of skills. The new members of the Unstoppable, who have their own style and tactics, will give the phrase "fresh blood" a whole new meaning.


Genre: Thriller, science fiction, action

The film depicts a world on the brink of war between humanity and artificial intelligence (AI). A former special forces agent named Joshua, who cannot accept the disappearance of his wife, is called upon to lead the fight. He is persuaded to track down and destroy the "Creator" - the architect of advanced AI, who has never been caught. It is he, the Creator, who has created a secret weapon that can put an end not only to war, but to all of humanity. Joshua and a team of experienced operatives penetrate the heart of the AI-occupied territory. However, it turns out that the weapon is not at all what they imagined.

The Nun 2

Genre: Horror, thriller

"The Nun 2 is a sequel to the world-famous horror movie. This time, the events take place in France in 1956. Because of the murder of a priest, evil spreads through the world. The sequel tells the story of Sister Irene, who is forced to come face to face with Valak, a demon nun.

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