What to treat your cat: three products that no pet can refuse

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What can be fed to cats

The diet of cats should consist of balanced and healthy products. Veterinarians do not advise mixing industrial feeds and homemade food on a regular basis - this can lead to problems with the digestive system and metabolism.

OBOZREVATEL picked up nutritious and tasty treats, which you can treat the cat - no pet will not refuse them. Thanks to them, the cat will get vitamins and useful substances that will supplement the daily diet.


Cats usually like to dainty shrimp. Specialists note that this is quite useful for animals, but there are certain nuances:

  • cats can be given only boiled and peeled seafood;
  • shrimp should be cooked without adding salt and other seasonings;
  • excessive amounts can harm the animal.

It is enough to sometimes treat the pet with a small amount of shrimp, so that they have a favorable effect on the body and digestive system.


Mussels contain taurine and a whole complex of nutrients. Mussels should be boiled after they have been cleaned from the shell. After heat treatment, veterinarians advise to divide the seafood into several parts before treating your pet.


Cats love to eat tuna, but experts do not recommend giving this fish on a regular basis. Sometimes you can treat your pet to a portion of boiled tuna. Raw or canned tuna can even be harmful for cats.

By the way, it is categorically forbidden to feed cats with dishes that contain tomatoes, onions and garlic. Under the ban are also sweets, spicy and salty food. Fried on vegetable oil products will not bring any benefit.

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