What to plant in the vegetable garden in September

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What to plant in September

September is not only the time for harvesting but also for planting new vegetables and herbs to enjoy over the winter. You just have to choose the right crops that will mature before the cold weather sets in.

If you failed to grow some vegetables due to dry weather in the summer, now is the time to try again. OBOZREVATEL will help you get through it.

September is a month when the weather is cool so it is important not to miss a good time for sowing.


You can choose greens that you like because almost all varieties grow quickly and do not need special care. You can sow arugula, spinach, Chinese cabbage, dill, parsley, basil and lettuce.

Garlic and onions

Winter garlic is a frost-resistant plant, so the first sprouts will already be visible on the bed in early spring. Onions are better planted in the second half of the month or from September 25 to early October. This is the most suitable time for planting to collect an abundant harvest.


Such a vegetable will please the owners with a quick harvest because its vegetation period is 20-30 days. Radish can withstand frosts up to -5 degrees Celsius.

Melissa and mint

If you want to enjoy fragrant tea, then melissa and mint can be sown in September and you will even have time to dry the leaves for the winter. You will already be able to harvest the plants 2-3 times in the summer.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL published a list of perennial flowers that can be planted in the garden in September.

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