What to do when the heat won't let you sleep: simple ways to cool the room without the danger of getting sick

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The heat prevents you from sleeping

The right temperature in the bedroom can save you from insomnia. According to experts, the thermometer should be around 15-18°C. When we fall asleep our body temperature naturally drops, so in the heat a nice shower or bath before going to bed can help trigger a natural cooling reaction.

Excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol, fatty, sweet and spicy foods should be avoided. Simple ways to cool the room were published by Ideal home.

Which sheets to choose

"Studies have shown that the optimal temperature for sleep is around 18°C, a higher figure will lead to disturbed sleep," said Sam Tamlin, managing director of California Shutters.

You should buy several sets of bedding for summer and for winter. Choose natural and breathable fabrics. If you sleep with a partner, use different bedspreads.

"Flax, bamboo and cotton are ideal for summer heat. They also get rid of excess moisture more efficiently," stressed James Wilson, sleep expert at MattressOnline.


Warm weather is a great way to save money on your energy bills, and a simple switch to LED bulbs is the perfect home-cooling tiphack.

"Traditional light bulbs give up most of their energy as heat. This may seem like an insignificant factor, because the heat output is really minuscule, but in hot weather, every degree counts," said Greig Millar, an energy expert at OVO.

The right mattress

Choose a mattress with a high content of natural fillings such as wool, cotton or bamboo-they tend to be cooler and also hypoallergenic.

Experts recommend considering alternatives. For example, next-generation gel memory foam mattresses that include smart temperature control technology.

The best cooling mattress pads are made of latex, wool or gel foam - these materials vent heat during sleep. They also have ventilation holes for breathability.


It may sound strange, but leaving your bedroom window open during the day is not recommended, at least if you want to keep cool. Experts say it's better to keep the window closed to keep hot air out of the room.

Water bottle or sprayer

A good old-fashioned tip - take a bottle of cold water and ice cubes to bed and enjoy a pleasant temperature while you sleep.

Or fill a spray bottle with cool water and periodically spray your face and neck.

Pillow cooling

Editor Holly Walsh recommends putting a pillowcase in a ziplock bag and leaving it in the freezer a few hours before bedtime.

Indoor plants

Plants can really help lower the temperature indoors. When the air heats up, plants often release excess water from their leaves - cooling themselves and the environment as a result. You can get rubbernose plants, evergreen Chinese plants, palms, heifer tongues and Benjamin ficuses.


The best option is free cut cotton pajamas. Cotton has moisture absorbing properties and breathes well. But synthetic materials should be avoided.

By the way, some appliances make the house even warmer in the summer. What appliances give out heat and what should be turned off in summer to cool the room - read in this material.

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