What to do to prevent clothes from getting tangled in the washer and dryer: basic tips

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Washing and drying laundry

Tangled clothes in the washing machine or dryer create significant discomfort. And it's not just the need to untangle - things can end up dry on the outside, but wet on the inside.

There are several ways to avoid tangling clothes. The Tom's guide publication has detailed each one in detail.

Don't overload

You might assume that overloading your dryer will keep your clothes from getting tangled. After all, the less free movement, the less likely things are to get tangled. This is the wrong theory. In reality, the opposite is true. Clothes need space to avoid tangling.

Naturally, clothes will not dry properly if the drum is overloaded. This is due to reduced airflow. The heat will actually not be able to reach the inside of the laundry, so only the outside will be dried. Since there are fewer revolutions inside the drum, the outside of the laundry may also be exposed to excessive heat, resulting in damage.

Overloading in general will also not be good for the dryer - it will have to work harder, using more energy.

Shake things out after washing

Before throwing your clothes into the dryer, shake each item. This will dry your laundry faster and prevent it from getting tangled in the drum.

Sort your laundry

Smaller items such as socks or pillowcases are often "hidden" in the sheets. It is advisable to dry large and small items separately. Wash linens, towels and any other large items in one cycle and smaller everyday items in another.

Static electricity can also cause clothes to tangle in the dryer. When items come into contact and produce a static charge, they end up clinging and sticking to each other. Experts suggest adding 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to your washing machine's rinse cycle to reduce static.

Synthetic items are best dried separately from natural items.


Buttoning your buttons will close the holes through which small things can get in during washing and drying.

Pause in the cycle

Experts also recommend pausing the drying cycle every 20-30 minutes to shake things out.

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