What to do in the garden before the leaves fall

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How to prepare the garden for winter

The owners begin to clean up their gardens in the fall so that the site is ready for the next season. However, not all plants need to be cut at the same time as each culture has its own time for flowering or fruiting.

OBOZREVATEL found useful tips that will help prepare the garden for winter. Most owners make mistakes and harm crops, which leads to their death.

Summer plants

Plants that bloom or produce fruit in the summer should be cut back or ripped out in the fall. If the crops are healthy and have not been affected by various diseases, it will be better to cut them down to the roots; this is good for the soil. When leaving the roots to decompose in the ground, you enrich the soil with useful substances and will be able to grow other vegetables or flowers there next year.

But be careful and leave the roots of healthy plants only. Since many diseases are transmitted through the soil, other crops can become infected and this will lead to wilting or even death. It is best to burn the diseased plant.

Fall crops

Gardeners can still plant many vegetables or herbs in the fall, so you should clear the area and prepare space for other plants. You can sow dill, parsley, melissa, mint,  radishes, onions or winter garlic.

Cover crops

If you don't want to leave some areas of soil empty for the winter, you can sow them with cover crops. This will help to avoid weeds and erosion of the topsoil and it will also keep beneficial insects away from frost and cold weather. Such crops include Persian clover, Egyptian clover, butter flax, white mustard, oats, barley, rye and others.

Preparing for spring

If you want your garden to bloom abundantly in the spring, you should start preparing for it now. After you have removed all the plants and cleared the soil of weeds, you should apply fertilizer to fill the soil with useful nutrients. You can use compost: just scatter it over the plot.

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