What to do if you chafed your feet with shoes: life-saving tips for blisters

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Orthopedists told how to avoid chafing shoes

It's not just new shoes that can chafe your feet. Even a previously comfortable pair that you put on after a long break can let you down. Blisters that remain after uncomfortable shoes, a real problem, because they interfere with walking and are a gateway for infection.

OBOZREVATEL collected several tips from orthopedists and podologists, how to avoid chafing your feet with shoes. They can be combined with each other for a better effect.

Do therapeutic baths

If you have already chafed your feet, give them a bath with sea salt. Pologists claim that this will soften the traumatized skin on the foot and accelerate healing. You should also cover the injured area with an antiseptic plaster. It will protect the wound and prevent your shoes from chafing your feet further. And under no circumstances should you open the blister so as not to open access to infection. Let it heal naturally and let the dead skin peel off.

Choose the right shoes

The secret is to find a pair that is roomy enough not to irritate an existing injury, yet snug enough not to chafe or cause new ones. Tolerating blister pain is not recommended by podiatrists. Change shoes as soon as possible after the problem manifests itself.

Use special insoles

Orthopedic insoles not only give additional cushioning when walking. They also help to distribute the pressure on the foot more moderately. This, in turn, reduces the chances of blisters forming.

Wear anti-chafing socks

Anti-foot chafing socks are made of special materials that reduce moisture and friction from shoes. Compared to simple cotton ones, they reduce the likelihood of blisters. Also, such socks ease the pain of an existing injury and help keep it from further traumatizing. The ideal materials for this purpose are wool, hemp or bamboo. And you should also pay attention to socks with additional cushioning on the heels, arches of the foot and toes.

Wear two pairs of socks

Two pairs of cotton socks will obviously protect your feet better than one. Not only will it provide extra cushioning and protection, but it will also help to wick away moisture and reduce friction. But in this case, you need to make sure that shoes with two pairs of socks do not become cramped, as they will chafe harder.

Use protective gear

There are quite a few ways to protect blisters from further chafing. These include special pads, patches or bandages that are glued to the skin and provide a protective barrier. And to prevent damage from occurring, you can use creams, balms and other anti-chafing products that are applied to the foot and create a barrier between it and the shoe.

Avoid chafing shoes

While your chafed feet are healing, avoid the pair that caused the blisters at all costs. And only when the skin is fully healed, try to wear them for short periods of time. In this case, be sure to use means to protect the foot from chafing. If blisters on your feet appear frequently and in different types of shoes, you should consult an orthopedist, who will advise how to solve this problem comprehensively.

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