What to do if the floor squeaks: how to solve the problem without removing the flooring

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What to do if the floor squeaks

Homeowners often face the problem when wooden flooring starts to creak and it creates an uncomfortable atmosphere in the house. Wood is a natural material that can dry out over time, the planks weaken and friction occurs between them.

Such a problem can be solved independently, so as not to completely change the coating. OBOZREVATEL found effective ways that will help to cope with this.

First, you need to check the condition of the floor and see if there are no foreign objects between the boards. Because it is they can create unpleasant sounds and spoil the floor.

But if you did the repair a long time ago, the problem may be due to deformation of the floor bases, improperly installed substrate for leveling the surface, individual elements of the floor are damaged or deformed through insects or workers have installed unreliable fasteners.

In order not to remove the floor and not to install a new covering, you can get rid of this problem yourself.

Scrolling self-tapping screws

To do this, the old nails need to be duplicated with screws. In 70% of cases, the creaks disappear, if the flooring base is not cracked and has not moved out of place.

Screwing up the flooring

First, determine the distance of the boards from the concrete slabs, drill a hole and measure the depth with a wire. Drill small holes with a diameter of 1-2 millimeters in the places where the joists (special boards that form the basis for laying the flooring) lie.

Then screw the screws in with a screwdriver until they stop. Repeat these actions with each board.

These methods will help you quickly get rid of unpleasant squeaking.

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