What plants should not be planted near tomatoes: completely destroy the crop

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Cabbage and potatoes will be bad neighbors for tomatoes

Cultivation of tomatoes is associated with certain difficulties due to the propensity of these plants to various diseases and vulnerability to pests. That's why it is important to choose the right neighbors for them, from which they could not get infected.

OBOZREVATEL learned what plants will be bad neighbors for tomato bed. They will also take away from the sunny fruits the nutrients they need. If you plant these vegetables and greens farther away, the tomato harvest will be noticeably better.

Сabbage with heads

Any head varieties of cabbage compete with tomatoes for the same resources. As a result, both lose - they grow poorly and produce a weak crop. Even worse, both plants attract the same pests.


This herb has the ability to release from its roots substances that inhibit the growth of neighboring plants. It is tomatoes that are most affected by these substances.


While the fragrant herb is young, it and tomatoes can even be useful alone. But as it grows, dill begins to devour resources - deplete the soil and even obscure sunlight, which is so necessary for tomatoes to ripen. Therefore, with such a neighbor, the vegetable will grow squishy and give a poor harvest.


Tomatoes and potatoes are biologically related. This is why they are prone to the same diseases and attract the same pests. Thus it is easy to lose both crops at once.


Broccoli and tomatoes are two very useful vegetables that cannot, however, get along side each other. They need the same nutrients in the soil and will take them away from each other. Another negative nuance is the large and branched root system of broccoli, which will enter the tomato plot and prevent them from growing.

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