What people can experience after death: neural network reveals impressive photos

A neural network has generated places where people go after death

The Midjourney neural network has shown its vision of what people can experience after death. The images convey sadness, uncertainty and disappointment.

The photos posted on reddit are striking in their mysticism. In particular, artificial intelligence created the images posted by the author under the nickname StopwatchSparrow (to see the photos, scroll down to the end of the news).

In the first photo, artificial intelligence recreated the fall of a person, probably a man, and a high-rise building. It hints that our entire world collapses when the soul leaves the body, or vice versa - our familiar environment in life goes with us to another world after death. This image can also be interpreted as our soul searching for its place after death and trying to see the rays of light through these buildings. Strangely enough, this photo does not evoke fear, but only awakens a sense of peace and loneliness.


The same cannot be said about the second photo, where a person is attracted to the dark depths of a mystical lake. Here you can feel fear and hopelessness, because you don't know what awaits you after diving into the water - heaven or hell.


The third image is similar to waiting for a verdict. You feel loneliness and anxiety. Because you are still waiting for where your soul should go.


The last photo radiates lightness and freedom. It looks like a young woman in a white dress has just arrived in paradise and is standing on the fluffy clouds, looking around, looking for her way. Perhaps this is how the neural network sees heaven.


Readers also expressed their opinion on the photos created by artificial intelligence.


"Half of them look like a calming, smooth transition to a good afterlife, and the other half look like various areas of the World of Warcraft dungeon (sunken temple entrance, etc.!) when the adventure with friends is about to begin," "Personally, I find it quite calming," "It's surprisingly calming," "Death is like living in western Nebraska," the comments read.

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