What not to keep on the windowsill: things go bad fast

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Things placed on the windowsill should be removed from there as soon as possible

Sometimes, in a hurry, we put the things we hold in our hands on the first available surface and often forget them there. Often this surface is the window sill, because access to it is the easiest. But the conditions for storing things in this place are very unsuitable. And some things will feel the worst there.

OBOZREVATEL has collected a list of items that can not be kept on the windowsill. Remove them from there, as soon as there is such an opportunity.


First of all, food must lie in the shade and usually in the cold, which means that these are by default unsuitable conditions for them. In addition, under the influence of heat and light, bacteria begin to develop in them, which causes food to spoil instantly. Even sugar and salt should not be stored on the windowsill.

Fragile objects

Even if you are sure that you won't knock anything down yourself and you don't have cats that like to walk on windowsills, a wind from the window or a draught can drop something fragile.

Detergents and cosmetics

Chemicals in detergents and cosmetics can change their properties under improper storage conditions. And sunlight and access to heat are inappropriate conditions. So at best, the product will lose its properties. At worst, it can catch fire.

Mirrors or objects with mirrored surfaces

The mirrors themselves will not be damaged by such storage, but they can work like a lens and reflect direct sunlight, concentrating it in one point. This is a fire hazard.


It's simple - candles melt in direct sunlight. In the evening, a decoration of candles on the windowsill is quite appropriate, but after you extinguish them, immediately hide them somewhere far away.


Heat and light can cause the batteries of gadgets to fail quickly. In addition, on a rainy day, the device may be flooded with water. That's why you should not keep phones, tablets, laptops and even remote controls on the windowsill.

General clutter

Any objects placed chaotically on the windowsill look sloppy and in addition impede the access of light into the room. So, in a good way, only indoor plants belong on the windowsill.

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