What not to do when charging your smartphone: the top common mistakes

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Mistakes when charging your smartphone. Source: PheelingsMedia/Adobe Stoc

Malfunctions with the battery are one of the main causes of smartphone failures, so it is very important not to neglect the rules of charging. Otherwise, the battery will quickly become unusable.

In conditions of war and constant power cuts it is especially important for Ukrainians to have a charged cell phone. To keep your smartphone battery longer, you should remember the basic rules.

High-quality charger

A low-quality charger can quickly damage the battery. Therefore, only original chargers should be used.

Charging "overnight"

Frequent charging cycles are also undesirable. It is best not to leave your smartphone on charge for long periods of time, particularly at night. This is one of the most common mistakes. It is no less harmful for your smartphone to be fully discharged.


If the smartphone overheats, it will soon come to a malfunction. Overheating, like frequent charging cycles, should be avoided. Therefore, experts advise not to leave the gadget under a pillow at night or in a case while charging.

Using your smartphone while charging

Leave your gadget alone after you've put it on charge. Put off watching videos, social networking, or playing online games. If possible, don't even make phone calls during this period.

Temperature swings

In winter, when you go indoors after the cold, you should not immediately put the gadget on charge. The temperature difference affects the battery. The same applies to overheating. It is better to wait until the smartphone warms up to room temperature.

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