What not to do in the gym: you may be hated

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How to behave in the gym without disturbing others

Compliance with etiquette makes our lives easy and comfortable. These rules help us avoid getting into awkward situations and show respect for others.

In the gym, you also need to adhere to certain rules to leave a good impression. OBOZREVATEL found out what not to do during a workout.

There are a lot of people working out in the gym, and if everyone does whatever they want, it will create complete chaos and a tense atmosphere. Therefore, you need to know how to behave properly to avoid this.

Repeating exercises after another person without their consent

This behaviour will make the person feel awkward and uncomfortable. You can also hurt yourself by doing this. The person may not be doing the exercises correctly.

Revealing clothing

If you want to show off your body in the gym, you shouldn't wear clothes that are too revealing. This can be embarrassing and disturb other visitors. In addition, when you use the machines, your body will touch them and you can pick up various bacteria and germs.

Traces of sweat on the machines

If you sweat a lot, it's best to put a towel on the machine before you start using it. Of course, you won't get a comment if you ignore it, but it's not nice to touch a surface that has someone else's sweat on it.

Equipment is out of place

When you use equipment for exercise, make sure you put it back where it belongs. This is annoying for other visitors who also need it but can't find it. No one wants to spend time looking for equipment.

Advice and comments for people who did not ask for it

In a gym, only a trainer has the right to give advice and make comments. If you decide to just walk up to a stranger and give them an opinion on their type of exercise or workout, then by all means do not do so. This may offend the person and they will no longer come to the gym, or it may lead to a conflict between you.


Always maintain good personal hygiene. After each workout, be sure to wash your clothes to keep them free of sweat and stains. The gym doesn't have enough fresh air, and the stench creates an unpleasant atmosphere and can affect your well-being.

Perfume or deodorants

Don't wear perfume or deodorants that have a strong smell before your workout. This can make others feel unwell, nauseous and dizzy.

Making fun of fat people

This is not a good thing to do, not only in the gym. In such a situation, you look ridiculous, not the person who came to work out. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and free.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published etiquette rules that will help you get to know each other in different situations.

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