What is planted in October for an early harvest: a list of vegetables

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Sowing in the garden can begin in the fall

Most gardeners believe that sowing at a summer cottage is a springtime chore. However, experienced vegetable growers say that many crops can be sown as winter crops. Then, after the end of winter, the plants will begin to make their way out of the ground on their own, and the harvest can be obtained even earlier.

OBOZ.UA asked what vegetables and herbs can be planted for the winter. It is best to put them all in the ground in the second half of October and early November - before the onset of stable frosts. At this time, it's cold enough for the seeds not to germinate, but not so cold that they freeze.

An important nuance is that when sowing a vegetable garden in the fall, you need to prepare the soil well. To do this, the soil is dug up and fertilized with fertilizers appropriate for the crops. After fertilizing, the area is leveled.

What can be sown in the fall

  • Onions and garlic are cold-resistant vegetables that will also produce an early harvest of greens and fruits.
  • Carrots - this root vegetable is sown to a depth of 4 cm to ensure a good winter.
  • Cabbage - not all varieties are able to survive the winter in the open field, but cauliflower, Peking cabbage, and broccoli are quite capable of coping with this task.
  • Dill - to make sure that the greens will sprout in the spring, dill should be sown quite densely, but it is not recommended to do this until the temperature drops to +3, otherwise the plant may sprout.
  • Parsley is another popular herb that winters well in the ground, but if your area is consistently frosty in winter, it is better to refrain from this method of growing the plant.
  • Beets - it is better to sow the root vegetable for the winter when it is stable cold.

How to care for the garden after sowing for the winter

The soil in each bed, where you put the seeds, must then be compacted and watered properly. Plants will also need water in winter. Especially if the winter is snowless. In addition, it is better to mulch root vegetables (carrots, beets) and cabbage. This will better protect them from the cold and drying out of the soil.

In the spring, when the ground thaws, the soil on the sown beds will need to be loosened. And after the first shoots appear, remove all weeds. In this case, in the new season, vegetables and herbs will grow healthy and yield a good harvest.

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