What food can give you nightmares: What not to eat in the evening

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What are the harms of late-night snacking

Eating fatty, sweet and spicy foods before bedtime can cause more than just insomnia. Some foods multiply the risk of nightmares, which can leave you feeling weak and frazzled in the morning.

The latest research has proved that eating chocolate, cakes or biscuits before going to bed will also affect your general level of anxiety. Details have been revealed by Movies Yahoo.

What foods provoke night terrors

It is not just sweets that affect the quality and duration of sleep. Experts advise against eating foods that are long and hard to digest before going to bed.

Meat dishes and fatty foods can cause insomnia, headaches, general weakness and restless sleep. Spicy foods are also banned, so if you like to spend your evenings watching movies to Asian delivery, it's best to avoid spicy soups like tom yam, spiced rice and other foods that can cause heartburn.

According to Dr Charles Bae, a sleep specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, eating any food at bedtime can cause more sleep. Late-night snacking increases your metabolism and body temperature, which leads to more brain activity, especially during sleep.

It's also worth avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol two hours before bedtime - these are major nervous system stimulants that will interfere with rest.

What you can eat and drink before bedtime

There are foods to drink that are safe and healthy to consume before bedtime.

First and foremost is fruit - pineapples, oranges and bananas can promote the production of melatonin. Apples, pears and seasonal fruits are also helpful.

Porridge can help prepare your body for sleep and keep you full throughout the night. Porridge usually contains magnesium and melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Protein smoothies are especially good for athletes, as they can help with muscle recovery during the night.

Unsalted nuts, pistachios and pumpkin seeds contain melatonin and tryptophan, which helps improve sleep by promoting serotonin production.

Incidentally, there's an old Japanese way to help you quickly calm down and fall asleep in 10 minutes. It is safer than taking medication and will benefit those who suffer from headaches. It is comparable to rocking the baby - but in this case, you are rocking yourself. Read more in the article.

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