What dogs are not suitable for families with children: breeds with character

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Chow Chows, Dalmatians and Chihuahuas only seem to be cute and child-friendly

It is a great idea to bring a dog into a family with a child, so that the little person learns responsibility and unconditional love from an early age. But not all breeds are suitable for raising children. Some are naturally less trusting and tend to show their temper when they don't like something.

The Dog Trainer Albany blog has collected five such breeds. They will not show enough patience with small people and may pose a threat to them. Especially if the dog has not been properly socialised and trained to contact with a child from an early age.


It would seem that such a small dog should be perfect for a child, but this is not entirely true. This is not a family dog. Chihuahuas choose one owner and can be quite jealous of him. In addition, these animals do not like discomfort, and the noise and desire to play inherent in children can be very disturbing to them. The response can be very harsh.


This is a large dog capable of real aggression, so Rottweilers need a lot of work to raise and train. Instead, a child can irritate a dog of this breed with his desire to communicate and touch the animal wherever he wants. The innate guardian skills of the Rottweiler pose a separate danger - it can react inappropriately to children's games and fuss.

Chow Chow

A dog that looks like a giant teddy bear may seem like a great cuddle toy for a child. However, this breed has a wayward and difficult temperament that is difficult to correct, even with a professional approach. Therefore, a large dog can pose a serious danger to a child with unpredictable reactions over time.

Pit Bull

Pit bulls can be very good-natured and loving, but the unpredictable behaviour of this breed spoils everything. They tend to react inadequately even to adults, let alone children. An outbreak of aggression can happen to such a dog at any time, and it is not a given that there will be an adult next to the child to protect him or her.


A breed characteristic of Dalmatians is their tendency to anxiety. They can go overboard trying to protect themselves from something that seems dangerous to them. In addition, they do not like an unpredictable environment, which is difficult for them to provide when there is a noisy and active child in the house. Education can influence this wonderful dog, but Dalmatians are still not recommended for families with very young children.

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