What do you see first in a picture? This will reveal what kind of person you are

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Test by picture. Illustrative image

Illustrative tests can be a fun and engaging way to explore the ways in which our brains interpret information. Psychologist Richard Gregory developed the theory of visual assumption, according to which the brain's basic perception is based on top-down processing, and almost 90% of the information perceived by our eyes is lost before it reaches the brain.

The brain makes assumptions based on past experiences and memories related to knowledge of the observed object. The perception of visual objects can be linked to subconscious associations. An interesting test is gaining popularity on the Internet. Look carefully at the picture. What did you see first?




Cats are often associated with wisdom and spirituality, as their calm nature can symbolise inner peace and self-control. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as magical creatures. If you first notice two cats, you are very attentive to details, this image is much more difficult to recognise.

You love romance and seek deep relationships. You like to spend time having a nice dinner with your partner, family or close friends. With a tendency to reflect and imagine, you often think about the mysteries of life and the universe.

You are very selective about the people you let in, looking for only "soul mates". You spend a lot of time on self-discovery or spiritual practices. You want to achieve a high level of personal development. It is especially important for you to feel loved and protected.



Loyal, brave, caring, cheerful and unselfish dogs are always ready for new adventures and experiences. You highly value loyalty and cannot betray someone who trusts you. You love life in all its manifestations, enjoy the moment, and never miss an opportunity to relax and have fun. Your openness and sincerity attracts people to you. You have many more good qualities than can be listed here.

You can do charity work and help those in need. You know what words to say to support and help. You are naturally kind.

Research has shown that people who see a dog first are more extroverted, pleasant and conscientious. Conscientiousness is associated with a tendency to be self-disciplined and complete tasks. You prefer planned rather than spontaneous behaviour.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published a test that will help determine the dominant hemisphere of the brain and the main distinctive personality traits.

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