What colors visually expand the room: tips for renovation

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Choosing a color scheme for a renovation is not an easy task when you are working with a small room

In most cases, modern city apartments do not have a lot of space. Therefore, you have to make them more spacious with the help of various tricks, one of which is painting in certain colors.

OBOZ.UA asked designers for advice on what shades can visually increase the space. To simplify, light and cold colors often work for expansion, and warm and dark colors - for contraction. But there are exceptions to this rule. Here are a dozen colors that you should pay attention to if you are faced with the task of making a room more spacious.

Dark blue

And the first on the list is a dark shade. That's because it works well with light walls. It is better to choose it for the one surface that will be the accent, and place it on the wall that needs to be visually moved away. In this case, it will attract so much attention that the space will not be so cramped. You can also "lose" furniture of the corresponding colors against a dark blue background - it will merge with the surface, which will also work for expansion. But this color is unlikely to work in dark rooms.

Earthy ocher

A complex shade of ocher with a grayish-greenish tint creates a calm atmosphere and works well with sunlight. It reflects it and creates a feeling of coziness. At the same time, this shade will be a basic shade, not an accent, so you can paint the whole room with it.

Creamy white

All shades of white, which are hardly pure, work well with natural light, visually pushing the walls and ceiling away. It doesn't matter what you choose - eggshell, milk, ivory or vanilla. Shades of white look luxurious and at the same time create a feeling of comfort.

Pure white

This uncompromising color will come to the rescue in rooms with a lack of light. It will reflect even the smallest ray and create a feeling of cleanliness and space. It can be combined with furniture and decor of any, even the brightest colors. You won't feel trapped between the walls.

Dark gray

Despite its notoriety, the color of a stormy sky does not actually compress, but expands the space. It works well with minimalist furniture and shades of any complexity that are currently in vogue. It is unlikely to be suitable for very dark rooms, but medium light and lighter rooms are a good option for dark gray to visually enlarge the room.

Light blue shades

This is a win-win classic - all these colors are both light and cold, so they allow light to fill the room and enhance its impact. But you will have to choose furniture and textiles for such a room more carefully, because light blue and blue colors are demanding, they greatly affect the visual perception of other colors.

Sea green

Another dark color that works to enlarge. All due to its calming effect. This is a natural shade that is best suited for eco-style furniture and decor. Due to the natural textures and natural materials, they will make the space lively and warm and at the same time visually larger.

Light green

Just like blue shades, green ones will be very demanding on the filling of the room. After all, the light reflecting from such walls will acquire a certain shade that will interact with all objects. However, the feeling of freshness from a whitewashed mint or lime color is incomparable. They will fill the room with cool spring air and create a sense of depth in the space.

Charcoal black

This paradoxical technique works especially well in the least lit rooms. By painting the walls black, you will create the illusion that they are not there at all. At the same time, the room will look cozy, and light accents, such as furniture and textiles, will make the room easier to perceive.


The gray-brown range is perceived by the eye as the most natural. And the most neutral. Only white can be more neutral. This wall coloring will fill the room with air and light and visually push the walls apart. At the same time, it is not a risky choice at all, because this color goes well with anything.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what colors can be used to refresh the house and make it look more expensive.

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