What color a purse should be to have money in it: superstitions

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What color should a wallet be to have money in it

Superstitious people are accustomed to paying attention to the smallest details and nuances, especially when it comes to money. People even have beliefs related to the color of a wallet.

It is said that the wrong colors can "divert financial flows" and the money will not stay with the owner. To know what color should a wallet be to have money in it, read the OBOZ.UA article.

What colors bring wealth

There are situations when a person earns a living by hard work, but there is never enough money for anything. Psychologists advise reconsidering financial thinking, and superstitious people add: first of all, you should pay attention to the color of your wallet.

According to superstition, wallets of certain colors can "attract" good luck, while other colors, on the contrary, are symbols of poverty.

It is best to choose a gold or yellow purse as they have long been associated with wealth.

Women are advised to choose bright red wallets, while men are advised to choose brown or black, the colors of status and success.

What colors not to choose

Blue and green colors are considered unlucky for wallets. Despite the belief that green is associated with "green dollars," this color is unfavorable in terms of attracting wealth.

Women are not even advised to buy blue handbags. According to superstition, they are rarely filled with money.

Of course, a successful financial situation depends primarily on hard work, the ability to manage money, and make the right financial decisions.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA spoke about the "financial feng shui" from the past, which is still believed in today.

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